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Who are we?

This is Zen - the new online learning portal for all things data science. Whether you are exploring a new skill or looking to advance your career, you're in the right place. 

Why? Because these courses are taught by experienced instructors and professionals. We are part of Data Science Dojo, which has years of experience providing intense short-term training to more than 3,200 people across the globe.  So this isn't going to be just reading blogs or streaming videos - we're all about hands on.

Why are we here?

For many, data science may seem like the realm of PhD’s in Computing and Statistics, but we don’t believe that. We were founded on the principle that everyone can benefit from an understanding of data science.

The program manager who wants to use a predictive model to see if his program is on-time or under-budget….

The VP who wants to anticipate the impact of a decision…

The marketing manager who wants to forecast whether an ad will be convincing

We do not create data scientists. Instead, we enable all professionals (and students) to extract actionable insights from data. To do this, we teach 5 day public and private bootcamps with 50 hours of in-person instruction, plus 10+ hours of online instructions and 20+ hours of mentoring.

Our experts are adding new courses every day. Are you ready to begin?

Our vision is a community of mentors, students and professionals committed to unleashing the potential of data science together. With more than 3,200 graduates from over 588 different companies, we’re making progress toward that goal.


What makes us different?


There are no pre-requisites for our courses. We’ll teach you the basic math, programming and business savvy.


Unlike other online courses, our background is in hands-on training. We heave traveled to 12 countries and worked with more than 600 companies to teach data science, and now we are bringing that knowledge to everyone with interactive digital content.


We practice what we preach. When we’re not teaching, we’re working with data – building demos, optimizing our website, and building predictive analytics business solutions.

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