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Data Science in 70 Hours

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Data is Everywhere

Like electricity, you need some data science competency to use it. Whether it's data analytics, data wrangling, AI or Machine Learning, we have a data science class for you!


Grow your Career

Develop AI and Machine Learning skills with content created and taught by PhDs from Microsoft. Our past students, many starting with no background in Machine Learning or programming, were able to apply their new skills after taking our classes. Even programmers and PhDs take our classes!



Tested on Thousands of People

From Austin to Zurich, thousands have taken our on-site bootcamps. Students come from Fortune 500 companies and small business looking to grow their skills.  Or individuals looking to switch careers.


Right Mix of Theory and Practice

After tens of thousands of hours of in-person data science training, our battle-tested classes are fine-tuned to that sweet spot between theory and practice. In fact, after only 70 hours of hands-on training, our students applied machine learning in their workplaces!


I really enjoyed being able to learn data science concepts in a hands-on environment. The lectures were interesting and engaging. It easily ties back to real work scenarios.

- Melia Mearns

Workforce Analyst at Zappos Family of Companies

"I have never learned so much practical knowledge in a week. I can go back to work and begin adding value with these new skills immediately."

- Matt Digel

Pricing Business Analyst at Nike

"I have a programming background and have done data wrangling before the course but I’ve learned so much in this course than I could have anywhere else."

- Jirui Qin

Associate at Federal Reserve Bank of NY

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